Douglas MacKrell is a golden voiced film maker, producer, director, editor, writer, and host who likes campy genre films, cartoons, overacting, the paranormal, and dinosaurs. 

Douglas MacKrell has over 10 years of experience producing videos for YouTube, and 5 years of experience creating and producing in-house training videos for the security team of a Fortune 500 company. He has produced the miniseries A World Of Her PWN for Escapist Magazine, was the winner of BEST COMEDY in the 2011 Sarasota Florida 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Festival (judged by THE Ernie Hudson), and was the winner of the anti-prize BEST MOVIE at the 2nd Annual Bad Film Festival in NYC!

Douglas MacKrell specializes in deep analysis of pop culture, so if you have one of those cool websites that reviews stuff, contact Doug and give him a job! He's really easy to work with!